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Still no news on when Ontario’s golf courses can open for play

Premier's announcement yesterday offered little

April 28, 2020
By The National Post


Ontario’s golf courses will have to play the waiting game a little longer. Premier Doug Ford’s announcement yesterday about reopening the province provided little information about its emergence from COVID-19, and nothing about golf course openings.


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5 Comments » for Still no news on when Ontario’s golf courses can open for play
  1. Gord Brown says:

    If there is one sport that could be played now is golf. So easy to do social distancing amongst acres of land. Keep the flag in so no one needs to touch it. Shut down ball washers and remove rakes from greens. If you are not a member you can pay on-line. Foursomes are common so no problem with crowds. Beers after a game ? Not yet.

    • Bob Wallis says:

      Gord: You said it all so succinctly and I commend you on your comments!!
      Let’s face it Gord: We are dealing with a severe dolt/idiot on this level. He must have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, let alone seeing his shoes (or other things). He is such an embarrassment to the Ontario Government. This poor PoS doesn’t have a clue about exercise, covid-90, or life in general. Hopefully voters will remember this idiot when it comes to voting time.

  2. Imran Haniff says:

    Can you imagine if you don’t get to play a round of golf this year and worst of all, you get the covid 19 and die. Politicians talk too much and do less. It is what it is. I do not vote anyways. I just want to play a round of golf. I rather die like the old dude in caddyshack. Struck by lightning

  3. Bob says:

    Interesting let’s say 10000 people normally would be golfing in Ontario today. They didn’t but then what did they do with there time stay at home there supposed to but it’s not realistic therefore they opened up a far greater chance of getting Covid than golfing

  4. Ronald Price says:

    The golf courses did a fantastic job last year controlling the operation of the business and people were very cooperative. There were safe and practical rules in place for safety. I don’t recall 1 single reported case of covid19 from a golf course last year so I know that it would work again this year. The level of respect by people on a golf course is always evident.

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