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Stand-on aerator tackles more properties in less time

October 31, 2017  By  Mike Jiggens

Exmark introduced its new 24-inch, stand-on aerator at the recent GIE + Expo in Louisville, Ky. The enhanced design of the compact, stand-on aerator was based off the company’s successful 30-inch, stand-on machine, and significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of lawn care professionals aerating smaller properties.

The 24-inch aerator is capable of aerating more properties in less time with less wear and tear on employees compared to a traditional 21-inch walk-behind aerator.

“We designed the 24-inch aerator to make quick work of small or gated properties,” Exmark product manager Lloyd von Scheliha said. “Because it easily fits through 36-inch gates, the new machine brings stand-on productivity to properties that used to require a walk-behind machine.”

The intuitive and ergonomic controls of the 24-inch stand-on make it an easy machine to operator and manoeuvre. The increase efficiency of the hydro drive system reduces horsepower requirements while offering infinite speed control up to six to eight miles per hour. The Smart Controller also adds a level of intelligence to the machine by tracking machine hours, depth control and maintenance reminders.


Electronic tine depth control offers easy, tool-less adjustment of tine engagement. The foot-activated hydraulic tine control frees the operator’s hands to control the machine and makes it easier for operators to disengage the tines and make a quick, zero-turn manoeuvre. The down force is adjustable to deliver consistent aeration depth, with increased stability and comfort.

Exmark has also incorporated isolation bumpers into the operator platform to reduce bumps and vibration felt by the operator. The foldable platform design reduces the machine’s footprint when not in use, making it easy to fit onto a trailer with other equipment.


For more information, visit www.exmark.com.

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