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Spreaders designed for maximum productivity

May 3, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Making its debut on the market, the RB-80 and RB-100 spreaders from Echo Power Equipment Canada have been designed to maximize productivity with patented technology and high-quality components.

Designed for professional use, the spreaders have undergone more than 1,000 hours of testing over a three-year-plus period, including more than 200 performance tests. The new Echo spreaders contain sturdy steel frames to resist corrosion and maintenance-free gear casing. In addition, the oversized hopper contains a patented auger to help aid clumps of material to flow. The large blade design pulls material towards the opening and is double fastened onto the gear cases to not come loose like many competitor “pin” designs.

The most innovative element is the unique spread pattern design. Unlike similar products, the four-pattern spread control mechanism comes standard on both models. Users have the option to use a standard full spread, a left pattern spread, a right pattern spread and a narrow spread for more precise applications. This is easily adjusted with the pull of two tabs located under the hopper.

Key applications for both models are intended for turf applications such as seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides but can also be used for other free-flowing materials such as ice melt. The RB-80 and RB-100S are both backed by ECHO’s standard five-year consumer and two-year commercial warranty. More information can be found at http://uat.echo.ca/Products/Fuel-Oils-and-Lubricants/RB-80 and http://uat.echo.ca/Products/Fuel-Oils-and-Lubricants/RB-100S


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