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Spreader ideal for seeding, fertilizing and ice melting

October 29, 2013  By  Mike Jiggens

The new Spyker 36" Drop Spreader complements the complete lineup of world-class broadcast spreaders for spreading seed, fertilizer, and ice-melt all year long. The Spyker Drop Spreader has two side-by-side hopper sections, allowing the operator to spread in 18" or 36" widths for consistent coverage around landscaping or other tight areas.

Ideal for starting new lawns, the Spyker Drop Spreader puts down seed exactly where you want it. In winter, apply ice melt to sidewalks and driveways all the way to the edge of the pavement without burning the grass or raising the pH of the soil. Wide 13" x 5" fully pneumatic tires distribute the weight evenly for smooth operation that won’t leave ruts. Comes standard with variable and fixed rate bottoms. Frame: Powder-Coated P70-12010.

From Outdoor Supplies and Equipment Inc., http://www.outdoorsupplies.ca/Home.html


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