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Sports Turf Canada there for its members during COVID-19

All calls and emails continue to be fielded

April 2, 2020  By Sports Turf Canada

Sports Turf Canada has reached out to its members across Canada, assuring them the association is still accepting all calls and emails. The text of Sports Turf Canada’s message reads as follows:

Although every message you receive these days has something to do with the Covid-19 virus, we wanted to reach out and let you know that we are here for you. We are taking your calls and emails and trying to interpret the day-to-day health orders across the country. We do wish to do our part to reduce the spread of this virus and are practising physical distancing. As so many have said, a huge thank you to those health care providers taking care of us during this challenging time and the essential businesses that are operating and being exposed to the virus. We greatly appreciate their support.

We are eager to get back to doing what we do best, educating and connecting our members and potential members and will continue to put plans in place for when that is possible.

Although sports fields are deemed non-essential workplaces in all provinces, each province and in some, each municipality has its own regulations for workplace restrictions. Some can maintain fields by doing only those services that are absolutely necessary or that allow staff to work two metres apart, and some cannot. We encourage you to read up on all the notices as they are published (see button below for links). We will try to assist as best we can and source out information. As the information changes almost on a daily basis, we recognize this is a challenge. 


We acknowledge the tremendous stress this situation has on everyone and wish you well and we feel, as sports are important for the well being of society, that our industry’s significance will shine through once the current restrictions are lifted. As STMA stated, “We will bring our fields back, stronger and healthier than ever.” Until then, please take care of yourself and your families while practising physical distancing.



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