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SnowWing’s blade design makes it handy to change from box blade to straight blade

December 2, 2020  By HLA Snow

HLA Snow’s SnowWing wing blade design allows changing from a traditional box blade to a straight blade to be a handy process, with an added bonus of extra clearing width.

The end plates are hydraulically-controlled and equipped with industry-proven rotary actuators, providing rugged and limitless control within a massive 180-degree rotation. This means the blade can be used on an angle with one end open and the other parallel to the direction the operator is driving. This allows one to get closer to buildings and parking stones with less chance of damage and better clearing results. With the end plates in their full open position, the blade can be used as a reverse box blade allowing for the back drag of snow for full clearing, even in the tightest of spaces.

Features include: rotary actuators that come from the construction industry and deliver up to 21,000 to 54,200 inch pounds of torque (depending on model) to hold the wings in place; floating end plate edges that follow the surface contour for confident snow clearing; cross-over relief valve that provides protection against hidden obstacles by redirecting hydraulic pressure, swinging the blade around hazards; and a patented tire protection system that allows getting the most of the SnowWing while keeping air in the tires. The system automatically protects from unintended damaging collisions between the front tires and end plates. The end plates are automatically rotated away from the tires so the operator can focus on clearing snow and worry less about damaging equipment.

Options include: a wired joystick control that allows all blade functions to be operated from a single joystick; a curb runner that runs along the front face of the curb, preventing the edge of the blade or wing from catching on any edges; and a spill guard that is optional on select SnowWings and Angle Blades.


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This article is part of the Snow & Ice Week.

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