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Snow plow cutting edge system offers four times the amount of wear

November 5, 2020  By Winter Equipment

Winter Equipment, an established name in the municipal snow and ice management industry, has improved the wear bar on its Patriot® Steel Snowplow Cutting Edge System. The new wear bar is a one-piece, high-quality, cast steel design with increased hardness that is filled with Winter Carbide Matrix, providing up to four times the wear life.

The improved Patriot system is built to last four times longer than the industry’s standard steel snowplow blade. Longer blade life means that users experience less downtime changing out blades and more time plowing to keep streets and parking lots safe. Reduced blade changes not only mean reduced material costs, but also reduced labour costs and reduced workman compensation claims from the hazards of heavy, one-piece blades.

Offering superior cutting power, the Patriot system’s new wear bars are two inches longer than the previous wear bar and filled with Winter carbide matrix for increased blade life. The blade’s serrated design self-sharpens and cuts through packed snow, which decreases salt usage and chemical treatment.

For easy and safe installation, the system features three Patriot sectional blades to replace dangerous, full-length cutting edges.


“Our engineers looked at how we could make our already durable Patriot system even better,” Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment, said. “We anticipate that our customers will continue to see as much as four times longer wear, when compared to the industry’s standard steel cutting edges.”

Winter Equipment’s Patriot system cutting edges are designed to clear packed snow and ice from rough roads, asphalt and concrete streets at lower speeds. The system comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that if the product’s wear system does not perform or last as long as promised, the company will work with its customers until they are satisfied.


Shipped free, the Patriot system comes ready to mount with all parts, hardware and installation directions in an easy-to-inventory shipping crate. The system can be ordered through Winter’s distributor system or by visiting: http://winterequipment.com/shop/systems/patriot.

To watch a video about the Patriot system, view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnzOAXT_H90

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