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Snow and ice spreading spinner resists wear, cuts costs

April 10, 2019  By  Mike Jiggens

April 10, 2019 – Winter Equipment, a leading name in the municipal snow and ice management industry, offers its universal spinner that provides superior spreading of snow and ice treatments.

Constructed of durable, high-quality polyurethane, the universal spinner measures six inches in diameter at its blank, undrilled table (the centre mounting section), that can be easily drilled to fit specific specs, enabling it to fit a variety of hub types and sizes.
With an overall diameter of 18 inches, the universal spinner is manufactured in high-visibility orange for safety. Six, universal, tapered vanes support clockwise or counter clockwise rotations and promote easy fill, even spread and high feed rates. The spinner’s tough, one-piece construction resists wear, reducing costs and maintenance.
“Our Winter universal spinner is just that – universal,” Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment, said. “Its tough, high-quality construction is designed for superior spreading on a wide variety of applications.”
For more information on Winter’s universal spinner, visit: http://winterequipment.com/shop/contractor/spinner

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