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Size, power added to snowblower line

November 13, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Nov. 13, 2018 – Contractors have a new option for faster snow clearing with Toro’s Power Max® HD commercial snowblowers. The Power Max HD line sets new standards for size and power and offers a range of major enhancements for increased productivity and durability.

The snowblowers were designed with deep, heavy snowfall in mind. The larger impeller, larger displacement engines and taller chute increase the throw distance to up to 60-plus feet (18.3 m)*.  In addition, the new double deflector design provides a more precise throw at a greater distance, from right next to a fence to as far as the operator needs.

Large clearing widths of up to 32 inches (81 cm) save time by reducing the number of trips up and down the driveway. The auger housing is also tipped back slightly to increase snow intake, helping operators handle more snow faster.

Other key features include the Anti-Clogging System (ACS), which regulates snow intake to minimize clogging while maximizing the impeller speed for powerful performance. Plus, when deep snow falls, drift cutters on commercial Power Max HD models ensure the taller snow is directed into the auger housing, instead of on top of the snowblower.


“Productivity is a top priority for our customers, so we designed these models to power through tough snow fast,” Christine Cheng, senior marketing manager at Toro, said. “But impressive snow-handling capabilities are just the beginning. From the all-steel construction to the operator experience, we’ve enhanced every detail to help contractors clear snow efficiently, job after job, winter after winter.”

According to Cheng, one of those enhancements is the Power Max HD commercial snowblower’s durability. Everything from the handlebars and frame to the housing and multi-directional chute is made of steel and built to last. A one-piece reinforced steel handle also adds rigidity to the commercial models, and high-impact shear bolts prevent damage to the gear case and auger shaft. Even the aluminum gearbox was designed with a horizontal seam to virtually eliminate oil leakage.


LED headlights are another convenient addition, which are brighter than halogen yet consume 90 per cent less power. The new design repositions the light and adds a custom-designed lens to shine more light where it’s needed, so operators can work anytime.

The operator experience is yet another area where the Power Max HD lineup is significantly enhanced. Convenient, one-hand interlock levers allow one-handed operation, leaving the other hand free to shift speed or adjust the chute without stopping the snowblower. The steel-reinforced Quick Stick® lets operators change the chute direction and deflection in one step. Heated handgrips also help keep operators’ fingers from getting too stiff to operate the power steering triggers in subzero temperatures.

In addition to these features, power steering allows for easy turning and handling, so operators can change directions with little effort. This eliminates the need to make wide turns in the middle of the street. Six forward and two reverse speeds also allow operators to adjust the speed based on the wetness and heaviness of the snowfall.

New Power Max HD commercial snowblowers are available in 28-inch (71 cm) and 32-inch (81 cm) clearing widths. For more information, visit https://www.toro.com/en/professional-contractor/snow-removal.

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