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Simplifying home lawn irrigation with Click-n-Go sprinkler

December 10, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Dec. 10, 2018 – Several maintenance customers of landscape contractors have lawns not set up for irrigation. When moisture is necessary to keep a lawn in optimal health, these customers may attach a garden hose to an oscillating sprinkler, but the proper coverage is seldom delivered. Consequently, the sprinkler must be moved about several times and it becomes a burden for the homeowner.

Raid Bird has introduced a new product aimed at the homeowner who may not be able to afford an in-ground irrigation system yet is looking for a better and cost-efficient way to better deliver water where it is needed without the inconvenience of having to constantly move a sprinkler about. Landscape contractors may wish to share with their customers information about the LG3HE in-ground impact sprinkler from Rain Bird. Equipped with Click-n-Go™ hose connect, the sprinkler installs in a single small hole without the need for trenching. It includes a rugged side housing for quick hose connection. The double-weighted sprinkler mechanism slows rotation and increases water distance up to 41 feet.

It works with a full range of water pressures, from 25 to 55 psi. Up to 5,200 square feet of uniform coverage is provided with the ability to add more sprinklers to cover an entire property.

This professional grade pop-up sprinkler installs flush with the ground, anywhere in a yard. It combines the convenience of quick hose attachment with the exclusive watering efficiency of Rain Bird’s impact sprinkler used in professionally installed automatic irrigation systems. Long lasting impact sprinkler provides heavy-duty performance, particularly in heavy mineral water conditions. Full circle or part circle adjustable arc 20 to 360 degrees with infinite pattern adjustments can be achieved. It also features grit-proof bearing for reliable operation and heavy-duty stainless steel retract spring for reliable pop-up and retraction.


The sprinkler retracts out of sight when not in use and mowing can safely be done over the top of the sprinkler.

For more information, visit http://www.rainbird.com/products/lg3he-in-ground-impact-sprinkler.


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