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Shoe insoles offer better balance, comfort, support

October 5, 2017  By  Mike Jiggens

Outdoor workers, athletes and anyone who spends significant time on his feet knows the importance of providing the right amount of comfort and sole protection to get through the day without suffering sore and tired feet.

Aline Systems’ insoles not only provide the right amount of foot support, but are designed to give wearers the proper balance while on their feet. The technology behind the shoe inserts is engineered to enable feet to move naturally, align the lower body and alleviate pressure on feet, ankles and knees. Gel in the heel absorbs every step, dynamic ribs in the midsole absorb, transmit and reflect energy, and patented suspension zones naturally align the lower body.

The average person walks nearly 2,000,000 steps per year. Body alignment is critical everyday, and not just when trying to perform at an optimum level. Aline’s technology helps to achieve proper bio-mechanics or movement patterns that are critical to one’s occupation, sport and health. If not properly supported and aligned, the foot can force the ankles, knees, hips and back to move incorrectly, reducing efficiency and lead to movement based injuries.

Lower leg alignment is the key to power transfer, and proper and efficient power transfer is the key to performance. Aline inserts provide proper alignment and optimal performance. Some insoles provide alignment only when one is standing still, but Alines are manufactured for movement and situations when awkward stances might jeopardize good balance.


Move better, perform better and feel better is Aline’s motto for its shoe inserts.

Five different types of insoles are available from Aline, each designed for specific use. For more information, visit www.aline.com.


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