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Selectable two-speed travel joystick controls now available for Bobcat loaders

September 2, 2010  By  Mike Jiggens

Selectable joystick controls with two-speed travel are now available as options on Bobcat® S100 and T110 loaders.

Selectable joystick controls provide a low-effort system for operating S100 and T110 loaders. These controls have a natural feel and are less fatiguing, which allows operators to be more productive and work longer hours. bobcatweb

Selectable joystick controls give operators the choice of ISO or H-pattern controls to meet the needs of various operators. This is ideal for fleet owners with numerous operators, large equipment operators who are downsizing to compact equipment or equipment rental centres. The control pattern is easily switchable from within the cab of the loader.

Two-speed travel boosts top travel speed on the S100 skid-steer loader by 33 per cent and by 61 per cent on the T110 compact track loader. Faster travel speed saves time when transporting materials on large farms or ranches; moving from point to point around institutional, commercial or sports facilities; traveling to multiple jobsites within a residential subdivision or large commercial development; or clearing snow in large parking lots. 


Maximum travel speed of the S100 skid-steer loader is 6.4 mph in low range and 8.7 mph in high range. For the T110 compact track loader, maximum travel speed is 5.2 mph in low range and 8.4 mph in high range. The operator can shift on the fly from low to high range.

Machines with selectable joystick controls also include both horsepower and speed management systems. Speed management allows the operator to precisely match the speed of the loader to the operation of an attachment without constantly adjusting the joystick, thereby reducing fatigue. An accelerator pedal is available to increase engine speed when more power is needed.


Typical applications that benefit from speed management include trenching, asphalt planing and sawing, soil compaction and box blade operation. The speed management feature also increases operator finesse when grading in tight areas, placing pallets or changing attachments.

At the same time, a horsepower management system automatically adjusts the drive system to maximize pushing and digging power and minimize stalling. This system lets the operator obtain maximum engine and drive torque to match the toughest digging conditions.

Selectable joystick controls are already available on larger Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader models. The two-speed travel option is currently available on larger Bobcat skid-steer loaders.

For the name of the nearest Bobcat dealer, visit http://www.bobcatdealer.com.

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