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Saskatchewan ready to implement its annual provincial ban on pruning elm trees

Ban in effect April 1 to Aug. 31

March 30, 2022  By Turf & Rec

Saskatchewan’s annual ban on pruning elm trees begins April 1 and continues until the end of August.

The measure makes it illegal to prune elm trees during this period as the province strives to control the spread of Dutch elm disease. Warmer weather allows the elm bark beetles to become more active. Fresh cuts on trees tends to attract the insects, thereby increasing the potential for infection.

Beetles breed in dead or dying elm wood. Pruning elm trees outside the ban period helps to reduce their populations and enables the trees to resist disease.

Pruning done incorrectly can damage trees and help spread disease. Commercial pruners must complete a recognized training program or be supervised by a qualified professional.


It is also illegal to use, transport, store or sell elm firewood.

For more information, click here or call 1-800-567-4224.


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