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Safety netting installation will protect soccer players from being hit by fouled-off baseballs

Several close calls reported at North Bay soccer fields located adjacent to baseball diamond

April 27, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Safety netting is to be installed at North Bay, Ont.’s Veterans Park to protect soccer players, officials and spectators from being hit by foul balls from an adjacent baseball field.

City council has approved $129,975 in funds to have the netting installed by Sport Systems Canada Inc.

The issue of foul balls encroaching onto neighbouring youth soccer fields has come to the forefront the past two years. Three youth soccer fields are situated within range of hit foul balls from the baseball diamond, and several close calls have been reported. It’s estimated as many as 150 people, including players, officials and spectators, are at risk of being hit at any time.

Relocating the baseball diamond isn’t considered an option since it recently underwent $700,000 in renovations while new LED lighting was installed at the park at a cost of $850,000.


The safety netting is expected to be about 40 feet in height and will greatly reduce the risk of anyone being hit by a stray ball.


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