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Redexim introduces two new seeders

April 26, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

Redexim North America, Inc. has introduced two new models of its popular dimpled seeder, the SpeedSeed 2100 and 2400.

These models have been completely redesigned, making them the company's most rugged, economical and efficient version to date.redexweb They are equipped with individual cast spiker rings which enable the operator to make turns while in operation, saving time and effort. The V-shaped spikes produce holes, which funnel the randomly dispersed seed, concentrating them at the proper depth for best germination. The new high volume seed box utilizes a proven roller design with quick-change gears, allowing the machine an infinite range of feed rates with all types of seed, from very large to very small (bents) seed types. Finishing up is a large smooth-roller, which can be optionally equipped with a second set of spiker rings, followed by the rear brush. With operating speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour, the SpeedSeed provides fast, accurate and economical overseeding.

For more information about Redexim products, contact the sales and marketing Office at 1-636-326-1009 or visit http://www.redexim.com.


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