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Redesigned compact track loader joins Kubota’s equipment lineup

December 1, 2022  By Turf & Rec

A redesigned SVL75-3 has been added to Kubota Canada’s compact track loader lineup.

The SVL75-3 features a new 74.3HP Kubota engine with higher maximum torque, allowing for work to take place quickly and efficiently. The cooling and variable fan optimizes engine efficiency by adjusting the fan speed to maintain the appropriate water and oil temperatures.  A reversing fan option is available for those dusty environments to keep engines running at optimal performance.

The hydraulic system features an innovative Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV) that provides smooth movements of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously. The AMV allows AUX hydraulics, bucket and loader arm to function together without stalling, improving the machine’s performance and productivity. 

The SVL75-3 has ideal workability, featuring a higher hinge pin height of 122.7 inches, standard self levelling functions, a high-flow hydraulic option and faster speed for increased productivity. 


The robust travelling features include an auto-shift system enabling travel shift when turning for maximum traction and productivity. The equipment is also backed with the new track response giving operators the ability to change their travel response sensitivity and a welded mainframe and undercarriage with no exposed hoses.  

The Electronic Torque Management System lets the operator work faster with more power by constantly monitoring the machine load to optimally control hydraulic pump output according to the load. This helps prevent engine stalls for smoother operation even under severe conditions.  


Updated technology builds on the success of Kubota’s Intelligent Control System, utilizing a colour seven-inch LCD touch panel with jog dial as standard equipment. Operators can view machine vital signs, track maintenance schedule, choose their favourite radio station and view what’s behind them with the standard rear-view camera. The owner can also protect his investment by setting up different user profiles with passcode start – with up to 51 different user codes programmed – and adjusting to his skill.

Kubota’s SVL75-3 was designed with the operator in mind, featuring a one-piece sealed and pressurized cab with sliding front door, wide cab entrance, LED lights and high visibility roof panel. The one-piece cab reduced the noise level in the cab to 78 dBa.   

The SVL75-3 combines outstanding performance and productivity with spacious operator room and comfort with an advanced multifunction operation,” Barry Greenaway, director of construction, commercial & residential products for Kubota Canada, said. “The newly designed, one-piece pressurized cab – complete with a new seven-inch multi-function LCD monitor, optimal air flow for temperature regulation and standard rear-view camera and radio – keeps the operator top of mind, providing a smooth and dependable experience each and every time.” 


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