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Rake Caddy: Canadian invention lends helping hand to golfers and superintendents alike

COVID-friendly device handily fits into golf bag

April 28, 2022  By Turf & Rec

Canadian inventors have devised a new product that not only provides convenience to golfers, but lends a helping hand to golf course superintendents. The Rake Caddy is a personal bunker rake that can easily fit into a golfer’s bag, enabling him to smooth or “sandscape” his footprints or ball marks from the sand. Its inventors note that all too often, a golf course rake is positioned on the opposite side of the bunker from where the golfer must stand. Often is the case where the golfer won’t bother to make the trek to retrieve the rake, thereby leaving his footprints in the bunker. The Rake Caddy is also seen as a COVID-friendly device that no other golfer needs to touch.


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