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Premier Ford admits to being pushed for golf to begin ASAP in Ontario

Courses hope play can start by the end of May

May 12, 2020
By Timmins Daily Press


Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he is being pushed to allow golf to begin as soon as possible in the province. Courses are anticipating an official announcement will be made soon, hoping they can open by the end of the month.


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5 Comments » for Premier Ford admits to being pushed for golf to begin ASAP in Ontario
  1. Sharon Andersen says:

    Medical professionals have said that it is far safer to be outside and in the sunshine than being in a building like grocery or hardware stores so what is the problem Opening up the golf courses?
    Enough of spreading fear let’s get ontario working instead of continuing to throw money at the virus. Take the LTC homes our of the static’s.
    . Learn to live with the virus and let’s not bankrupt Canada and leave our young people with no hope.
    Open the marinas as well so the boaters can go to their summer homes. We do not want to lose our FREEDOM

  2. John Donnelly says:

    Open the golf courses and driving ranges
    1 person / cart
    Social distance rules
    Cups 1 inch deep on greens plastic Shield on cups so you don’t need to pull flags
    No reason to shut down courses out side of the GTA

  3. ted radmore says:

    It’s probably the safest game one can play outdoors even with covid-19, let’s get it going, we’ve already lost a months play.

  4. Scott Harris says:

    End of the month?? Seriously? And rob us of another 25 days or so of golf…with NO good reason?? They should have never closed. Open them NOW! What is wrong with Ford and his cast of misfits. Never mind, there’s not enough room in this comment section to come close to doing that question justice.

  5. bob says:

    Completely asinine. Any popularity Ford gained early by listening to experts went completely into the garbage when he returned to his own ways.

    A personal vendetta against golfers is ridiculous and based in how Doug Ford felt when he rolled out of bed that day, when who it hurts the most is the economy and the workers in the industry, and the ones who rely on it for their livelihood.

    All the minimum wage students, trying to save for school, cart staff, wait staff, greens staff, pro shop staff. Is it a sport for the well off? Well, yes, but it is also for everyone who loves golf.

    But since you brought it up, the rich LOVE spending money on golf – tee times, carts, golf balls, tees, watches that tell you the wind and distance, bags, hats, and shirts, and shoes, and clubs. How much in provincial tax is going out the window?

    What about the kids? The ones looking for a University or College scholarship for golf? This is putting Ontario kids at a disadvantage to the other kids. What about our pros? The Canadian Tour? Lessons?

    Ready, shoot, aim is how Doug Ford operates, and then deal with the consequences later.

    We can’t wait for your time as Premiere to end. Enjoy your time and money on the board of directors for 3M, Home Depot, Walmart and all the Beer Companies who’s pockets you have greased while messing up waves 2 and 3 when your political career ends.

    You get a mulligan for Covid, but one year later you have been weighed and measured against every single other premiere, Prime Minister, President and Govenor, and you have been found wanting.

    This mess in Ontario is now squarely your doing.

    Please do the right thing and remove yourself from office, so that we can supplant you with any completely unqualified person with the IQ of a pre-teen. We in Ontario would relish the upgrade to our provincial leadership.

    You’ve set back the Ontario PC party for years. And likely, your ineptitude will cement Ontario’s vote for Trudeau as an “anti-Ford” vote – which will do us no favours… and now the Liberals can trot out anyone who is “Not Doug Ford” and we’ll be stuck with them on Ontario.

    Nice work Doug.

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