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PMRA approves registration for Penthion fungicide for golf courses, sod farms

Controls dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, grey snow mould

May 26, 2021  By Belchim Crop Protection Canada

The registration of Penthion turf fungicide – for the control of key turfgrass diseases on sod farms and golf courses in Canada – has been approved by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

The product of Belchim Turf, a division of Belchim Crop Protection Canada, belongs to the SDHI (Succinate DeHydrogenase Inhibitors), FRAC group 7, class of chemistry and exhibits strong translaminar and xylem mobility within the plant. Penthion is labelled for the control of dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch and grey snow mould, giving Penthion the broadest spectrum label of any SDHI registered for turf in Canada.

“Belchim Turf is excited to introduce Penthion to Canadian turf managers,” Barry Johnson, marketing manager for Belchim Canada’s turf products, said. “As an SDHI, Penthion’s ability to control key summer diseases like dollar spot, anthracnose and brown patch make it an ideal addition for disease management on high value turf. The pending loss of iprodione and recent restrictions placed on traditional turf fungicides reinforces the importance of proper fungicide rotation and introduction of new broad spectrum chemistry, like Penthion.”

Penthion turf fungicide is one of three recent registrations for Belchim Turf. PhostrolPro, the first phosphite fungicide registered for suppression of microdochium patch in Canada, was registered at the end of 2020, and Kabuto recently received registration of new rates for 21 to 28-day control of dollar spot.

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