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Plant protection product increases turf stress tolerance

February 13, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Samples show pre (right) and post Civitas Turf Defense treatment.

Civitas Turf Defense is a registered plant protection, fungicide and insecticide product with an innovative ability to increase turf stress tolerance capabilities. Formulated with superior actives and
proven through countless university research trials, the product primes turf to prevent damage from biotic and abiotic stresses before they would normally occur.

Primary messaging elements
Horticultural oils have been used for more than 100 years for plant protection in agriculture. Civitas Turf Defense is derived from the world’s purest pharmaceutical-grade white mineral oil at 99.9 per cent purity in addition to Civitas Harmonizer which features the highest grade pigment available on the market. The combination of these two unique materials delivers an increase in stress tolerance to turf. The chemical structure of the mineral oil mimics the natural wax (or paraffin) that the grass plant already has on its leaf surface for natural protection. This similarity in chemical structure allows the product to stimulate the plant’s own defence systems to provide maximum turf protection.

Plant protection
Civitas Turf Defense is a plant defence activator (PDA) that works both with and through the plant to prime the plants natural defences to fight against biotic and abiotic stresses. The plant’s natural
defence systems and subsequent gene expressions are similar for all types of stress. Whether it’s disease, heat, wear, drought, etc. the plants react to fight off the stress. It enhances these natural defence mechanisms to provide superior stress tolerance.

Stress tolerance
Everything superintendents do to maintain a course is built around managing turf stress. An IPM program is built to minimize the stress put on the plant by insects, diseases, drought, etc. Civitas
Turf Defense has proven its efficacy through countless university research trials and practical infield applications leading to its approval for biotic and abiotic stress management. The ability for it to increase the tolerance for turf stress is the foundation for what superintendents should base their preventative IPM programs on.


Delayed leaf senescense
Numerous in-field results have showcased the effects of Civitas Turf Defense to increase plant protection and deliver healthier turf. Throughout various turf species and various heights of cut, it continually demonstrates its ability to deliver stronger turf and is evidenced by the reduced effects of leaf senescense. By reducing the rate at which the turf ages, Civitas Turf Defense increases plant health, colour and density.

The product is available from Intelligro.


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