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Ontario golfers hope Premier Ford has good news for them this week

If openings don't happen until June, some courses may not survive: PGA pro

April 27, 2020
By North Bay Nugget


Ontario golfers are hoping Premier Doug Ford will bear good news this week about when they can expect to finally tee it up. “If golf courses aren’t allowed to open until June, you will likely see some not survive,” an Ottawa PGA professional says.


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20 Comments » for Ontario golfers hope Premier Ford has good news for them this week
  1. david hurst says:

    does Doug Ford look like a golfer? Good luck – June 1 is being optimistic – we need Mike Harris back or as a consultant to put pressure on Ford – hire him!!! Harris was a club pro I understand?

  2. Gilbert Rivard says:

    Seriously, we are waiting on Dr. David Williams to make a decision on golf courses which he knows nothing about and someone mentioned he’s an expert on long term care homes. Those homes are really doing well, right. We need to stop jerking people around and let them enjoy the outdoors as it can be done safely. Let the golfers go out and play it is much safer than going to a hardware or grocery store!!

    • Nick Digiandomenico says:

      it’s a shame that our lame duck politiacns see the forest because of the trees, here we are a yr later nothing has changed,,,as a golfer,we can shop with a store full of people ,,but we can’t play golf ,imagen not one case of covid on the links ,but here we are still shut down ,,,

    • Dana says:

      I agree 100%. Kind of ridiculous, that I can go to a dentist and have them clean my teeth. But can’t golf, get a hair cut, or play tennis. This province is a s**t show. I hate saying this as I’m a proud Canadian. But, the USA looks more appealing by each passing day!!!

  3. BobbyD says:

    This province is in a complete state of disrepair. I drove by the LCBO yesterday and it was open! Imagine that?! You can walk into a busy liquor store and buy your much needed vodka but you can’t take a stroll on a golf course and play a round. Our politicians have their heads up their a***s. The decision to close golf courses is purely politically motivated. It has no basis in science. Meanwhile the decision to keep liquor stores open is the reason why the province is in shambles – priorities are way out of whack and the government has no idea what it’s doing!!!

    • Robert Vanstrepen says:

      Lcbos are gov. Controlled. They have a stake in that game.

    • Krwinch says:

      Hmmm. Do you watch hockey. How’s that for social distancing? I don’t have a problem with the LCBO being open; it’s no worse than grocery stores as long as proper protocols are being observed.

  4. Thomas Appleby says:

    Again this government has shown it has no idea about what Covid 19 is, where it spreads, and what should be done to reduce cases. As a 67 year old golfer, a vaccinated golfer I want to be able to be outside, socially distancing from others, to improve both my physical and mental health during this period. Open them up…golf courses and outside activities are not the problem. A government of 1 term will be their fate.

  5. Dave Ringuette says:

    We own a driving range , it’s a go it’s now not a go …. invested a lot to open only to be closed , totally misleading and wrong in every way !
    People needs fresh air !! My customers where so disappointed on the Friday that we where notified of the closure ! Actually sad 🙁

  6. Lori Toljan says:

    My husband and I barely go out but for essentials we do golf though and every course the I played followed strict covid rules.
    Hikers on trails are at a closer distance.
    Shoppers in stores are sometimes closer than 2 feet beside each other.
    People who do not golf assume that golfers are people of privilege but personally my golf is other people’s liquor and beer release. No one touches anyone else’s equipment golf carts go through full cleaning regiments. Please allow courses open.

    • J fernandesthan a golf course when they sanitize the carts every single time they use them says:

      Yeah kids playgrounds are saferI was working next to a playground so hundreds of kids going through the playground all day and that’s safer than a golf course when they sanitize the carts every single time they use them maybe I’m wrong

  7. Rob Brouse says:

    They ran golf though a global pandemic in 20’ without toilet paper, sanitizer, plexiglass, or mask for the first part… and zero covid related deaths from golf…. they spent millions creating measures for 21’ to play (even if reduced numbers, region only golf, and stretched t-times… ppl losing livelihoods, there physical well being, and mental state, BUT I can buy weed, cigarettes, and booze….. what are they doing.

  8. Robert says:

    In Toronto, the city has said you can take walks on golf courses. Put playing is still illegal. Not sure that makes sense.

  9. jeff says:

    but the parks are jammed with little kids and parents. like thats ok ?

  10. Ron Beveridge says:

    We are now in May, My marriage and thousands of others are at the breaking point if this continues we may have other uses for our golf clubs.

  11. Rich Alt says:

    I will remember this during the next provincial election. I know who I will not be voting for.

  12. PP says:

    It’s time the entire political system gets revamped. Enough of these useless political parties making uneducated, politically biased decisions that are harmful to millions of peoples livelihoods and health. It’s embarrassing the people like Mr. Ford and Mr. Trudeau are leaders of our province and country. Any person with common sense could have done a far better job in these two positions the last 2 yrs. Hundreds of people are walking on trails…in close contact, thousands of people walking about in the Falls !!! Open the golf courses, tennis courts, soccer fields etc. !!!!! Before you do more damage!
    If it wasn’t frowned upon to be a politician…I’d switch careers!!

  13. Claudio says:

    I can go to a dog park and walk around with a. Inch of other dog owners and go to Costco indoors with 500 people. Of and go for a stroll on a walking path. Following others but no golf. Get real for the love of us all

  14. Bob Alexander says:

    I will never vote for any of these people ever again.
    Complete foolishness, outdoors are our only escape.

  15. ron kroody says:

    It is obvious our “leaders” have never had a real job, where employers expect RESULTS. The whole C-19 thing just brings this out. Thought I heard Ford say “golfers are wealthier, therefore it’s unfair to the poor who cannot golf”. Hey, they could not golf BEFORE Covid idiot. And has Covid appointed you GOD to decide how to punish certain groups? The Ford’s minions say it is necessary just to reduce mobility of all people to reduce transmission. Fair enough, so how do you do that in the hot spots, the apartment ghetto’s in big cities? Think he is basing decisions on actions and circumstances of the hot spots which bear no resemblance to the average population. Again, NO idea of what he is doing. Says he is listening to doctors / medicine; yup and they are all saying outdoors is much safe than indoors (where Torontonians are having parties with 150 idiots). And doctors keep reminding us to stay healthy via excecise. Point is nothing really adds up except incompetence of our leaders, esp Ford and Trudeau. PLEASE John Tory, create a NEW party and run for office. How he keeps Toronto on any even keel is a miracle of talent and no BS decisions. I know you must be tired, but consider mentoring and whole NEW crop of leaders (not Policticians). Thanks

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