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Oakville, Ont. won’t be imposing a ban on gas-powered equipment any time soon

It's not financially feasible at this time, council is told

May 29, 2024  By Turf & Rec

A ban of gas-powered landscaping equipment in Oakville, Ont. isn’t feasible at this time, town council has learned from its staff.

Imposition of a ban would have a financial impact on landscaping businesses, municipal parks staff and residents, Oakville’s corporate strategy program advisor for climate action, said.

Those who favour a ban wish to see a reduction in noise and emissions levels. Conversion to electric or battery-powered equipment is an expensive proposition. The town’s inventory of gas-powered equipment is worth about $1 million and replacing it with an eco-friendlier alternative would double the cost.

Council was also told that service levels could be impacted due to limitations associated with battery charging capabilities. It has been recommended, however, that the town continues with a phasing out of gas-powered equipment and that it continues an awareness campaign to encourage the adoption of battery or electric equipment.

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