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North Bay exploring protective netting to prevent foul balls striking neighbouring soccer players

Low fence separates soccer, baseball fields

June 14, 2022  By Turf & Rec

Side-by-side sports fields in North Bay risk becoming a player safety hazard unless fencing between the two is heightened.

Foul balls hit from a baseball field at the city’s Veterans grounds can easily sail over the barrier fencing and potentially strike a soccer player on the adjacent field.

The city is exploring the erection of higher fencing to prevent such risks. At one time, protective mesh was installed atop the fence to contain foul balls, but the netting is no longer in place.

Consultations with user groups and city staff are being made while cost estimates for new netting are being pursued.


The city says the timing to install netting will depend on supply and the availability of a contractor while the cost will be impacted by the project’s scope.


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