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New tractor models added to KIOTI’s equipment lineup

April 20, 2023  By Turf & Rec

KIOTI Tractor has added two new models to its current lineup: the CK20 and DK20 Series models which are now available at dealerships in Canada.

Among their new features are integrated joystick controls, LED headlights and updated steel hoods.

Front-end loader work is made easier with the new integrated joystick that also houses standard third-function controls. The joystick enables the operator to perform all loader functions with a single lever, and when combined with the optional third-function valve kit and attachments, unlocks additional capability. Select CK20SE Cab and DK20SE models arrive factory-prepped for the optional RPM Raise feature. With this feature, operators can temporarily increase to maximum engine RPMs at the push of a button when lifting heavy loads, and return to the preset RPMs once completed, making tasks more efficient.

Other features include new LED headlights, increasing nighttime visibility for long days on the job. Additionally, a new steel hood increases machine durability, along with improved branding and a more modern look.




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