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New sensor system gives golf courses control over their turf

May 2, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

Rain Bird Golf has introduced the all-new Integrated Sensor System™ (ISS), a multi-component soil sensing system that provides accurate snapshots of soil conditions and the ability to automatically adjust irrigation system run times.

The ISS is the only sensing system in the industry that delivers real-time full central control integration. The ISS sensors send soil moisture, salinity and temperature data to the system’s Soil Manager software, which in turn works with the course’s existing central control system to automatically set individual station run times.

“Unlike competitive technologies, Rain Bird’s sensors provide for accurate readings immediately after installation with no need for calibration,” Bruno Quanquin, product manager for Rain Bird Golf’s division.  “It also makes it easy for superintendents to start with one sensor and then add more later.”

Each of the ISS’s Data Loggers collect and store data from up to 18 sensors throughout the course and display that data on a large LCD screen with an extensive menu. The Data Logger transmits sensor readings to the Soil Manager software through a wireless mesh communication network. If the Data Logger is unable to communicate with the Soil Manager software due to distance or line-of-sight obstructions, information is routed through Data Repeaters on the course to the computer. The number of Data Repeaters installed on a course varies depends on its topography and the number of sensors installed.


The Data Logger also provides power to the sensors, eliminating the need for sensor batteries that will have to be replaced in a few years, making it necessary to dig up the greens. Superintendents can read sensor information at the Data Logger and immediately evaluate soil conditions without having to return to their office computers. The Data Logger backs up information on an SD card, preserving it in the event of a power outage.

“The ISS takes irrigation system control technology to a new level, helping to ensure the most consistent playing conditions and improved course sustainability,” Quanquin added. “Superintendents can successfully manage irrigation while also reducing water, fertilizer and pesticide costs for an improved bottom line.”


For more information about Rain Bird’s new Integrated Sensor System (ISS), watch the flash demo at  http://www.rainbird.com/golf/index.htm, contact your local distributor or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.

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