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New innovations in reel grinder technology

March 5, 2015  By  Mike Jiggens

Foley United has made a couple of significant innovations in grinder technology for its 653 AccuMaster and 633 AccuPro spin/relief reel grinders.

The new Accu-Touch 3™ control takes automation and productivity to a new level. Operators tell it what they are working on, and pre-defined spin and relief programs will do the work while they do something else.

An animated tutorial feature walks new and inexperienced operators through set-up, step by step, and is easily bypassed to save time for experienced operators. Pre-determined spin speeds and relief torque based on reel make, diameter, and blade count are all new.  

A second significant design change features the Accu-Reel Selector, a rear roller mounting system that is adjustable and locates the reel based on manufacturer and diameter.

Foley has captured the tight tolerance relationship between fixed rear rollers and the bearing housing/reel shafts on cutting units and made the adjustments needed to remove taper or cone-shape minimal and almost non-existent.  


A new relief angle adjuster tells the operator where to position the relief finger to automatically provide correct angles and clearances based on reel manufacturer when choosing to conduct an “auto-index” full recondition grind. Also, a new counter-balanced spin drive system pivots and floats for an easy connection directly to the reel shaft and is easily moved from side to side.  

Visit http://www.foleyunited.com for more information.

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