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New gas-powered utility loaders introduced

May 17, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

The Toro Company has introduced the latest additions to its Dingo® compact
utility loader family—the narrow and wide track TX 427 models. Both
TX 427 loaders feature a 27-hp Kohler® engine that delivers
added torque for increased pulling and digging force. These models also
come standard with a heavy-duty, two-stage air cleaner that offers
superior dust and dirt filtration, even when the engine is working in
the harshest environments.

TX 427 compact utility loaders are the successors to Toro’s TX 420 and TX 425 models. dingoweb

“We’ve taken the Dingo’s proven tracked, walk-behind design and unmatched hydraulic power to the next level with the TX 427 models,” reveals Greg Lawrence, marketing product manager for the Toro Dingo compact utility loader family. “We’ve simplified our lineup by offering one model in either narrow or wide track design, beefed it up with a more powerful engine, and increased the power-to-weight ratio for improved jobsite efficiency.”

Featuring four independent hydraulic pumps, TX 427 compact utility loaders deliver 16.9 gallons per minute (gpm) of flow to each track, 11.4 gpm to the auxiliary hydraulics, and six gpm to the loader arm. The auxiliary hydraulics on the TX 427 models pump 19 hp flow to the attachment for increased productivity in ground-engaging applications.


Both TX 427 units are compatible with Toro’s multitude of compact utility loader attachments—making them suited to dig, haul, plant or build almost anything.

“Everything our customers love about our Dingo loaders remains the same,” says Lawrence, “including their versatility. From augering, earthmoving, tilling, and trenching to leveling, lifting, hauling and demolishing—the applications are endless.”


Weighing just 2,006 lbs. with a standard bucket, the TX 427 narrow track loader has a rated operating capacity of 535 lbs. (35 per cent of tip capacity). Its overall length of 92 inches including bucket and width of 33.7 inches allow it to work in the tightest places and easily pass through a standard 36-inch gate. Also, the 5.9 inch (wide) tracks on the TX 427 narrow track model distribute a mere 5.1 psi of ground pressure, so operators can get the traction they need without tearing up turf during operation.
The TX 427 wide track model weighs 2,186 lbs. with a standard bucket, and it offers the same rated operating capacity as the narrow track model at 535 lbs. (35 per cent of tip capacity). With an overall length of 92 inches including bucket, this model’s width is increased to 41 inches to accommodate the wide track set up but is still compact enough to fit through a 42 inch gate. With 3.5 psi ground pressure, this unit offers a light footprint and improved flotation for better traction in sandy or wet ground conditions.

“The gas-powered TX 427 offers a high power-to-weight ratio,” says Lawrence. “Competitive models that offer the same horsepower are much heavier machines, which means it takes operators more energy to move the units around the jobsite and can cause more damage to the ground. Our TX 427 compact loaders offer powerful performance that allows customers to be more productive—getting more done in less time.”

For more information on the entire Toro Dingo compact utility loader and attachment line, visit http://www.toro.com/dingo.

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