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New Brunswick experiencing significant European chafer damage on home lawns

Problem is big in Moncton area, but is widespread throughout province

May 25, 2023  By Turf & Rec

The European chafer beetle has become a big problem this year in New Brunswick. Grubs are coming up the surface of lawns, presenting themselves as a meal for skunks, racoons and birds.

The insects began eating at roots last fall. Having migrated closer to the surface in the spring, nocturnal animals and birds have dug away at lawns to get at the grubs.

The European chafer beetle resembles the common June bug in appearance, both in the adult and larvae stage. Telltale signs of the insect’s presence include brown spots on the lawn and the ability to easily pull up grass.

Although the chafer beetle problem is particularly prevalent in the Moncton area, it is widespread throughout the province. It’s suspected the invasive insect arrived in Canada from plants or plant material shipped from Europe. Helpful products can be applied to lawns, but timing is critical when soil conditions and temperatures are conducive.


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