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Natural products aid damaged skin, headaches, nausea and stress

July 2, 2019  By  Mike Jiggens

July 2, 2019 – Those working outdoors during the growing season are prone to developing dry, flaky skin or worse – cuts, nicks, abrasions and bug bites. Natural products are available to help that are free of toxins, artificial fragrances, colourants and synthetic chemicals.

Canadian-made eScential wellness products made from science-based formulations will help restore damaged hands to a healthier state. Natural remedies provide a gentle, effective alternative to many of life’s ailments. The company’s first aid products are formulated based on scientifically-proven effectiveness of essential oils for treating not only skin conditions, but headaches, nausea and panic-inducing stress.

Products include:

• DermaCare Skin Salve: For skin with sudden or chronic outbreaks of dry, red, itchy flakiness. Its shea butter-rich formula has essential oils to moisturize, calm, soothe, restore and reduce redness.


• Skin Rescue Ointment: For minor skin cuts, nicks, abrasions and bug bites. Its therapeutic oil base and essential oils soothe, cleanse, protect and accelerate a return to smooth skin.

• Headache Help: Fast, effective relief from headache pain. It is a blend of science-backed essential oils in a non-greasy, rapid-drying, toxin-free base.


• Quick Calm Inhaler: Study-backed blend of essential oils that relieve symptoms of acute and/or situational stress, including heart-pounding, breathless, scary moments and attacks.

• Nausea Relief Inhaler: Pure essential oil blend that reduces nausea from motion sickness, vertigo, stress, post-surgery and minor gastrointestinal upset.

Other products available include Moisturizing Hand Cleanser and Baby Bum Butter.

For more information about these products and the means to order them, visit https://escentialwellness.com/.

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