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MP blames federal government for pending closure of CFB Petawawa golf course

Course touted for closure due to unsafe clubhouse conditions

May 17, 2024  By Turf & Rec

The pending closure of the Petawawa Golf Club is being blamed on the federal government by local MP Cheryl Gallant.

She says the Trudeau government’s cuts in military spending not only puts national security at risk, but impacts local morale and the recreational benefits a military golf course provides for the community.

The golf club is in jeopardy of closure due to $7 million reportedly needed to ensure the clubhouse undergoes the renovations it requires to comply with safety standards – money the federal government says is needed elsewhere.

The golf course, located on the base at CFB Petawawa, is the community’s only golf facility. The clubhouse recently installed a $2-million elevator as well as two new $50,000 industrial dishwashers. The clubhouse is also the home of fitness classes and a children’s gymnastics program.


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