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More climbing ability offered in slope mower

October 31, 2017  By  Mike Jiggens

The Spider remote-controlled slope mower has taken another step forward with the ILD02, offering four-foot cutting widths and ability to climb slopes up to 55 degrees. Among the product’s highlights is its patented drive system – the Dancing Step – that utilizes a patented chassis design and enables omni-directional mowing without complicated manoeuvering. Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering allows the mower to move and mow forward, sideways and backwards with unlimited continuous turning of all wheels through 360 degrees.

The innovative design provides ideal manoeuverability in all types of terrain, superior climbing ability and gentle treatment of the turf, even in wet or soft conditions.

Its weight of 809 pounds is an advantage on steep hillsides and weakened terrains. The lighter weight ensures tight turns without damaging the turf. It also translates into low fuel consumption, low emissions, high mowing efficiency and easy handling during transportation and servicing.

The ability to control the mower remotely allows the operator to stay away from the working area, away from noise and vibrations, and removes all risk when mowing on hillsides and in dangerous areas. The unique drive system allows the mowers to work on extremely steep slopes with an incline up to 40 degrees. The integrated hydraulic winch then increases the climbing ability to 55 degrees, which is a level of steepness that is difficult to walk on, let alone work efficiently.


The Spider ILD02 is powered by a 24-horsepower Kawasaki gasoline engine and has been designed for full professional use. It is ideal for steep, inaccessible or long-term, unmaintained areas as well as applications requiring high quality frequent mowing. This model is also equipped with a skid steering system to allow the mower to turn around its vertical axis which also simplifies handling, especially when loading or unloading on transport vehicles or trailers.

It features a top speed of five miles per hour and is capable of mowing, on average, 1.73 acres an hour with a fuel consumption of 0.95 gallons per hour. This contributes to its reputation for productivity and extremely low operation costs. In terms of productivity, the Spider ILD02 can replace up to 14 operators with brush-cutters over a season while maintaining a consistency of cut and reducing operating costs. The standard cutting height range is 3.5 to 5.5 inches with an optional lower height of cut of 2.8 to 4.7 inches, all controllable from the operator’s remote-control unit


The remote-control unit is ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use allowing the operator to control the machine from a safe distance. Speed, direction, height of cut and safety cut out are all controlled from the unit.

To increase the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the mower and increase its seasonable cycle, a snow blade can be easily attached to the front of the machine. With a width of 55 inches, it’s ideal for keeping sidewalks, parking lots and other pedestrian areas clear of snow during the winter months.

For more information, visit www.slope-mower.com.

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