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Mississauga residents fed up with high school field’s lights

Will have their day with city council

May 31, 2022  By Turf & Rec

Neighbours of Applewood Heights Stadium in Mississauga are fed up with the facility’s evening illumination, saying the lights are a nuisance, produce glare and are contributing to trespassing and increased noise.

Installed in 2018 at the Applewood Heights Secondary School football field, the lights sit atop 80-foot standards. Neighbouring residents say when the lights are shining, they rob them of their enjoyment of their homes and back yards.

The complaining residents opposed the lights when they were first proposed and say their concerns are being ignored by both the city and the Peel District School Board.

A delegation of residents will present their case to the city on June 1 in hopes a solution can be achieved.

This article is part of the Municipalities Week.

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