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Kelowna golf course unearths new pathogen

September 15, 2009  By  Mike Jiggens

David Woodske, industry specialist (ornamentals) with the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, has been informed of a new turfgrass disease which has been confirmed on a turf sample submitted from a golf course in Kelowna.

The causal organism for brown ring patch is Waitea circinata var. circinata. The pathogen is considered to be an emergent disease of turfgrass in
the U.S. It has been isolated from annual bluegrass samples obtained
from California, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York,
Ohio, Oregon, and Rhode Island.  As far as lab records are
concerned, this is a first report for British Columbia.

Since the pathogen is widely distributed in the U.S., no trade
implications are anticipated on exported sod…if the disease
is ever found on a sod farm.
To view a fact sheet online, visit http://www.gcsaa.org/GCM/2007/sept/pdfs/rhizoctonia.pdf

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