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Jacobsen launches new out-front rotary mower

August 18, 2014  By  Mike Jiggens

Jacobsen, a Textron Company, has launched its completely refreshed TurfCat® out-front rotary mower.

The multi-purpose machine features an all-hydraulic deck and traction drives, and costs significantly less to maintain because it has no gear box, belts, pulleys, drive shaft or clutch to service. The unit has 15 fewer grease points and 212 less service parts compared to competitive products.

In addition to the TurfCat’s lower cost of ownership, the rotary mower is also versatile, offering nine different deck configurations and five attachments for year-round use.

In addition to offering a blower, dozer blade, hydraulic broom and snow blower, Jacobsen offers a 60-inch fine cut flail deck for the TurfCat. The flail deck’s fine-cut blades discharge grass and debris down into the turf, reducing the danger of thrown projectiles. The unit’s double-edged blades stay sharper longer than rotary blades, further reducing cost of ownership and maintenance.  


The TurfCat out-front rotary will be available globally starting in August, 2014.


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