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Husqvarna improves its oil formulations

February 14, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Outdoor power products manufacturer Husqvarna has reformulated its machine oils to set new standards in performance and product longevity. The improved formulations deliver low operating temperatures and greater detergency inside engines. The new bar and chain oil range offers reduced friction and wear on cutting equipment.

Available at Husqvarna dealers across Canada, the reformulated selection of oil and lubricants has been improved using premium additives and semi-synthetic base oils to high specifications, enhancing the output and extending the life of Husqvarna products.

Each of Husqvarna’s improved two-stroke oils has verified engine formula (VEF) certification, denoting they have been designed, tested and approved specifically for Husqvarna engines. VEF is determined via a series of stress tests in hundreds of engines, over thousands of hours to ensure the oils are optimal for Husqvarna engines. Its fuel mix and engines complement each other to deliver maximum power output, running cleaner and longer.

Husqvarna X-Guard premium bar and chain oil has been reformulated with unique anti-wear properties that result in top wear protection. The addition of a premium tackifier adheres the oil to the bar and chain for longer and provides less “sling off.”


Husqvara’s four-stroke oils are premium oil blends designed for tough, commercial use, but ideal for all Husqvarna wheeled products, including tractors, walk mowers, snow blowers, commercial zero-turn mowers and commercial walk-behind mowers. Reformulated using high-quality base strocks, the four-stroke range provides superior viscosity retention and protection, easier starting, less oxidation and fewer deposits, resulting in less wear and longer engine life.

Husqvarna’s premium pre-mix fuels have an octane rating of (R+M)/2 Method 95. Unlike pump gas, both the two and four-stroke formulas do not degrade or oxidize. The fuel stays fresh for years, solving long-term storage needs.


For more information, visit www.husqvarna.ca.

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