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Hurricane Fiona has changed the landscape at some of P.E.I.’s golf courses

Tree cleanup still ongoing, but province's golf courses are almost ready to open

April 28, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Last fall’s Hurricane Fiona has changed the landscape at some of Prince Edward Island’s golf courses. The extreme winds from the storm has left some golf holes unrecognizable from their appearance a year ago.

Nevertheless, the province’s golf courses are almost ready to open for the season.

Fallen trees have not only changed the appearance of some holes, but will impact the way they’re played. Tree cleanup has been an ongoing task at P.E.I’s golf courses and continues today. Stanhope Golf & Country Club not only suffered extensive tree loss during the storm, but lost its clubhouse to a fire during the hurricane. The club is looking at a May 4 opening.

The projected opening date at the Glasgow Hills Golf Club is May 19. With the loss of trees, it has opened up some vistas. Damaged trees continue to be taken down in wooded areas to prevent the risk of them falling onto golfers who may be searching for lost balls.


Charlottetown’s Belvedere Golf Club not only lost trees during the storm, but experienced extensive water damage and blown-off drains. It’s estimated tree loss between the 12th and 13th holes amounted to 80 per cent. Many of the trees were older than 120 years.




This article is part of the Golf Course Readiness Week.

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