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How Vancouver and Moncton are dealing with Canada geese nuisance

Populations on the rise in Vancouver

June 1, 2021  By Turf & Rec

Canada geese continue to be a nuisance in this country, and municipalities on both coasts are dealing with the problem in their own way.

The Vancouver Park board estimates the geese population this year has surpassed 3,500 in the city – up about 1,000 from two years ago. Without effective control, the number could approach 6,000 by 2025, a report states. The board is trying to determine a manageable number of geese that could congregate in parks and at beaches and playing fields.

The information will help the city develop steps to prevent costly damage to city property. To read the full story from the Vancouver Sun, click here.

The City of Moncton is realizing mixed results in its geese control strategies. With populations increasing at Centennial Park and Jones Lake in recent years, the city adopted two new approaches to solve the problem.


Solar-powered lights have been placed in the water at both locations, flashing regularly at night into the eyes of geese. Short fencing has also been erected to block birds from moving between water and land, impeding nesting.

Results of the strategies have varied. To read the full story from CBC News, click here.


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