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Golf group goes to Ottawa to discuss tax fairness

December 5, 2016
By Mike Jiggens


Officials from the National Allied Golf Associations recently met on Parliament Hill with important federal government decision makers to discuss the ongoing issue of tax fairness as it pertains to golf.

The golf advocacy group includes representation by the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association. CGSA president James Beebe personally met with several Members of Parliament and national revenue and finance staff.

The meetings on Parliament Hill will culminate in a variety of follow-ups, including letters sent by Members of Parliament to the Minister of Finance and overall awareness and agreeance with NAGA’s tax fairness proposal. MPs from the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic parties were supportive of the proposal and some offered themselves as champions of the industry.

Overall awareness of the tax fairness proposal was achieved, especially by Liberal members—the majority of whom are first comers to the House of Commons, having been first elected in October 2015. This Parliament Hill Day proved to be an essential first step with the new composition of the Federal Government. Going forward, the goal is to have the 2017 Federal budget include this tax change.

The CGSa has asked all golf stakeholders to engage their local elected Member of Parliament to contact the Minister of Finance by mail, email, or in person in order to make their voice known on this issue.