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Five special edition Automowers being given away in 25th anniversary celebration

May 6, 2020  By Husqvarna

Husqvarna, a leader in robotic lawn mowing, celebrates its 25th year in the robotic mowing industry in 2020. Since 1995, Husqvarna has been a pioneer and shaper of the robotic mowing industry with Automower, a high-performing, silent, and emission-free robotic mower designed to achieve the perfect lawn, but most importantly give consumers back their time.

In honour of 25 years of Automower, Husqvarna has produced a special 315X Gold Edition Automower and will be conducting a giveaway in select countries. Consumers will be able to enter the giveaway by sharing on social media how they would take advantage of the extra time Automower would provide them. Consumers can also share who they think deserves an extra hour a day back and enter a friend or family member. Click for more details, click here.

When Automower first hit the market in 1995, it generated headlines as the world’s first fully automatic lawn mower. Husqvarna’s lineup of Automower models includes its newest models released this year – two all-wheel drive (AWD) models – to other high-cut models designed to flourish for grass types with a higher cut setting to commercial models designed to provide the most modern solution to business efficacy and strategic growth for commercial lawn and garden businesses, and more released over the last 25 years.

Husqvarna has made several other advancements and announcements throughout the years, including its EPOS technology, a high-precision satellite navigation system for specific Automower models, along with autonomous operation, which utilizes EPOS to maintain larger green spaces and increase productivity. Another major rollout is the brand’s fleet services program, which is a cloud-based system that connects lawn and tree care operators to their entire fleet of machines directly from an online portal via mobile app or Bluetooth.

Other features include Amazon Alexa integration and Automower Connect for control from a smartphone to built-in GPS systems, theft alarm sensors, unique passcodes and weather timers.

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