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Equipment keeps roads even following harsh winter seasons

March 22, 2021  By Winter Equipment

Winter Equipment’s lineup of gravel road maintenance products helps to keep roads even, safe and maintained following harsh winter seasons. The road grading equipment includes carbide-tipped milling tools, grader blades, scarifier boards and scarifier teeth.

Designed to reduce replacement costs and downtime, Winter Equipment’s carbide-tipped milling tools deliver up to 300 per cent longer tool life because of their unique design that reduces the need for replacement due to breakage and uneven wear. Options range from large, high penetration-designed carbide tips ideal for hard rock and gravel conditions and specialty milling tools for low horsepower milling in asphalt (commonly used for pothole patching) to economy, multipurpose milling tools in stationary and freely spinning versions. These milling tools increase production by wearing evenly and maintaining their shape and sharpness, which reduces vibration and wear on machinery.

Winter’s perforated grader blades provide operators with quick, easy gravel road maintenance. The innovative design helps operators grade gravel roads with ease, breaking up hardpack on top of soil. Winter’s BladeRunner is a blunt underbody cutting edge that offers ideal performance and wear life. BladeRunner removes snow from gravel roads without disrupting the aggregate below.

Three styles of scarifier boards are available from Winter Equipment. One is engineered for motor graders with one to 1.5-inch tool spacing for fine grading, a second with a beveled design for any underbody plow, and a third design with 1.75-inch centre-to-centre spacing for heavy-duty tools, that is available in three to four-foot lengths. Winter’s one-piece scarifier board design allows for back-dragging and provides an advantage over competitive boards that have weld-on holders that can break away, requiring replacement.

Offering elite strength and performance due to Winter’s Carbide Matrix welding processes and hard-face technology, Winter Equipment scarifier teeth provide superior performance and longer wear life to withstand severe conditions and abrasive impacts. Scarifier teeth options include a universal shank mount, CAT-style carbide scarifier teeth with cast steel or Winter Carbide Matrix and Galion style carbide scarifier teeth with cast steel or Winter Carbide Matrix.

“We offer a variety of grading equipment, depending on what your needs are and what tools you need to accomplish your job,” Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment, said. “From strong carbide tips to specialized welding techniques, our grading equipment tools will cut costs and eliminate unnecessary downtime during gravel road maintenance projects.”

Winter Equipment’s grading equipment comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that if the product does not perform or last as long as promised, the company will work with its customers until satisfied.

For more information on Winter Equipment’s grading equipment, visit: https://winterequipment.com/applications/gravel-road-maintenance.html

This article is part of the Snow & Ice Week.

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