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Effective snow mould control with low amount of active ingredient

March 21, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Syngenta’s new Instrata II® fungicide combines the forces of two powerful active ingredients, providing long-lasting control of snow mould during the winter months. One case of Instrata II covers six acres.

Its active ingredients are Solatenol® and fludioxinil. Solatenol assimilates into the plants via translaminar movement, strongly binding to the plant’s cuticular wax, and slowly penetrating into the tissue. Solatenol also exhibits upward movement within grass plants, giving protection from snow mould from the inside out throughout the winter season. Instrata II couples solatenol with fludioxinil, a protectant, contact fungicide which inhibits fungal spore germination and stops mycelial growth. It is the same active ingredient contained in Medallion® fungicide.

The product’s benefits include:
• Excellent control of pink and gray snow mould
• Solatenol is a third generation SDHI (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor) fungicide representing a NEW family of chemistry for snow mould control
• Lowest amount of active ingredient (ai) load of any snow mould fungicide available
• One case of Instrata® II covers six acres
• Engineered with trusted Weatherstick technology to optimize performance

Packaging contains two-dual chambered jugs. Each jug contains 7.2 litres of Instrata IIA (fludioxonil) and 0.9 litres of Instrata IIB (solatenol) in separate chambers of one container.


For more detailed information about Instrata II, click here.


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