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Thieves cut up artificial turf cricket field in Oak Bay, B.C., stealing several sections

About $4,000 in damages realized

Complaints about rats infesting naturalized parts of city parks prompts stepped up mowing

Cornwall, Ont. to maintain such areas at same height as other mowed areas

Saskatchewan golf course does its part to help town's Communities in Bloom chances

Nine-hole course in Moosomin kept tidy and attractive by staff and members

Battery-power company joins forces with John Deere to bring platform to more customers

EGO is a leader in battery-powered platform

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Eco Turf: The Podcast

Turf & Rec presents the fifth episode of a six-part podcast series on the topic of regenerative soil science. Our guest for the series is Randy Booker, superintendent at Otter Creek Golf Club in Otterville, Ont. and principal at Turf Evolution.

Throughout the course of the podcast series, he will give an overview of the science, explain how it works, speak about its effectiveness and provide a case study of how it has benefited him at Otter Creek.
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Health & Safety: Keep control of summer work hazards

Many outdoor workers welcome summer as their busiest and most lucrative season. But along with soaring temperatures and growing vegetation come several potential hazards, which is why it’s important to stay vigilant and take protective measures.  Here are four tips for improving health and safety in an outdoor work environment: Keep the biters at bay The pesky mosquito bites that start to appear with heat and humidity may give you more than an itch – they can also infect you with West Nile virus, which may cause severe illness, and could even lead to death. Most people infected with West ... » Read More...
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Practical Golf Course Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping, 3rd Edition

Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Third Edition presents the latest information and techniques for providing first-rate upkeep and management operations for any golf course. This book’s, clear, step-by-step coverage, unencumbered by technical language, includes critical advice on maintaining consistent bunkers, sand top-dressing and aerifying, pesticide storage, and other emerging technologies.
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WCTA/STC Fall Field Day

September 21, 2023 | North Vancouver, B.C. »

Equip Exposition

October 17, 2023 | Louisville, KY »