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Growing trend emerging to grow residential lawns to clover as cheaper, eco-friendlier ground cover

Residents attracted by less mowing and watering and creating habitat for pollinators

Langford, B.C. acknowledges natural turf along city boulevards is a better idea than artificial turf

Municipality says natural turf is cheaper and more environmentally friendly

Public input sought for bylaw that could permit lawn naturalization in Ontario county

Several municipalities looking at similar proposals

Citing poor conditions on natural turf following rain, New Westminster groups lobby for artificial turf field

Existing natural grass fields are located on a flood plain and are subject to poor conditions, groups say


Turfgrass Maintenance Reduction Handbook: Sports, Lawns and Golf

Encyclopedic coverage of sure-fire strategies for maintaining your lawn, sports field, golf course, or park in perfect condition while using less water, fertilizer, mowing, pesticide, and labor!

A major strength of the book is the wealth of information presented on management strategies, complete with do-it-yourself instructions for site selection, soil preparation, seed rates and planting, turf establishment, and renovation. Time and cost-saving techniques for effective mowing, thatch control, pest management, water conservation, water management, fertilizer use, stress management, and pest management are presented in a user-friendly manner—complete with helpful checklists, and step-by-step instructions. A vast amount of useful reference material will ensure the success of your maintenance program. No other book covers virtually every aspect of successful turf management.
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Women in Turf: The Podcast. Ep. 2 (Dr. Sara Stricker & Emily Nuttall)

Featuring Dr. Sara Stricker, outreach co-ordinator at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute, and Emily Nuttall, irrigation technician at the University of Victoria » Read More...