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Civitas fungicide now available in Canada

April 13, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

CIVITAS™ the revolutionary golf course fungicide from Petro-Canada, has been approved for sale in Canada by Health Canada`s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

CIVITAS is the only commercially available turf fungus control product for the golf course industry that utilizes a unique mode of action called Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR). CIVITAS is a synthetic isoparaffin-based product that, unlike traditional chemical fungicides, works to prime the turf’s genes, stimulate its natural defences and kill or inhibit fungal diseases.

“We are excited to deliver the benefits of CIVITAS to the Canadian golf course industry,” says Reinie Drygala, Manager for Lawncare Products. “The science behind CIVITAS is revolutionary. Unlike anything else on the market today, CIVITAS delivers tournament-ready course conditions without resistance issues.”

The CIVITAS approval in Canada comes three years after its introduction into the U.S. market where superintendents have seen the benefits first-hand.


“Bar none, CIVITAS is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” says Bob Crockett, owner and superintendent,
Green Hills Golf Course in Clyde, Ohio. “It has helped me with the density and overall health of the turf. My turf is stronger in its ability to heal, recuperate and repair stress.” (See the full testimonial at http://www.civitasturf.com/ce)

Described as a plant defence activator, CIVITAS provides broad-spectrum control on a variety of grasses,
including bentgrass, ryegrass and poa and helps to control dollar spot, spring leaf spot, grey and pink snow mold.


Throughout the six years of research and development CIVITAS underwent robust testing and university trials. The product was tested by some of the turfgrass industry’s leading academics, including Dr. Frank Rossi (Cornell University) and Dr. Thomas Hsiang (University of Guelph). A webinar detailing their research findings is available for download at http://www.civitasturf.com/ce.

CIVITAS is available through Syngenta Canada and regional turf specialty distributors in the U.S. Packaging sizes vary, and include a 1041 litre tote, 208 litre drum, 113.5 litre drum and a 20 litre pail.

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