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Canadians urged to participate in Rutgers survey

October 13, 2009  By  Mike Jiggens

CANADIANS involved in the professional turfgrass management industry
have been given the rare opportunity to influence U.S. policy, by
taking part in a survey administered by Rutgers University.

In a recent memo to members of the Western Canada Turfgrass
Association, executive director Jerry Rousseau said he had been
contacted by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) of Health
Canada to help provide input for registering new pesticide products for
use on turfgrass in Canada.

One of the means to achieve this goal is to participate in an annual survey administered by Rutgers called the IR4 which polls the various industry sectors within the ornamental industry to get a sense of which pests and products are of interest for each particular end user.

“The reason we want to influence U.S. policy is because the PMRA is influenced by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency),” Rousseau noted in his memo.


Those addressed in the survey include growers, landscape care professionals, interiorscapers, university and government scientists, extension services, provincial, federal and municipal governments, and association members.

The survey takes less than10 minutes to complete “and is an amazing opportunity for anyone using, wanting to continue to use, or want to have new pest control products, biological, synthetic or otherwise to put in their two cents at a very high level,” Rousseau noted.


To participate in the survey, visit http://ir4.rutgers.edu/Ornamental/Survey/index.cfm. Canadians should enter their two-letter Canadian province code in the box marked “state.”

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