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Bump technology shoelaces greatly reduce strain on feet

May 1, 2024  By Turf & Rec

When outdoor workers are on their feet eight or more hours of the day, foot comfort is paramount. What may be surprising to many is that something as simple as shoelaces can greatly affect that level of comfort.

No-tie laces from Caterpy significantly reduce the amount of pressure on the top of the foot where traditional shoelaces are normally tied. The laces utilize elastic bump technology developed in Japan by a marathon runner. Like traditional laces, the Caterpy Run laces are inserted into a shoe’s eyelets, but allow for customized tension without the need to be tied. The bumps prevent the laces from becoming undone and promote better circulation and ease of putting on and taking off.

Wearers of shoes equipped with Caterpy laces also never have to worry about the possibility of tripping over their untied laces.


People may think that foot pain is caused by an ill-fitting shoe, but often it may be due to the laces. Caterpy laces are approved by sports medicine doctors and podiatrists.

Tested by Turf & Rec, the laces were inserted into a pair of golf shoes and worn while walking 18 holes. Feet retained their flexibility through the elasticity of the laces. Not once did the laces pop out from the eyelets, and noticeably less tension and strain was realized at the tops of the feet.



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