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Best practices for trailering loaders to job sites

Advice for effectively hauling a loader to a job site

December 20, 2021  By Buck Storlie

The weight of the loader should be the first consideration when choosing a trailer. Photo credit: ASV Holdings

You can’t get to work with your compact track loader until you effectively haul it to the job site. Here are some tips for correct trailering. 

Weight matters: If you haven’t already chosen a trailer, the operating weight of the loader should be your first consideration. Also, make sure your tow vehicle is rated for pulling weights equal to or exceeding the trailer’s rating. 

Keep in mind that the trailer’s rating often includes the trailer weight, so you may have to deduct the weight of the trailer itself to get the actual load capacity. Finally, choose a trailer type. Gooseneck trailers offer high capacities, but flat decks may accommodate more vehicles.

Look for a machine with built-in tie-downs to making hauling easier.

Loading & unloading: Park on a level surface and lock the parking brake. Slowly manoeuvre off or onto the trailer, being alert to the point when the loader rocks onto and off the trailer ramps.

If available, a spotter can help guide you to make the process easier.

Got attachments? You should typically place the machine with the centre of gravity slightly ahead of the axles. Evenly balance the attachments on either side to distribute the weight.

Before hitting the road: Tape or plug the loader’s exhaust outlet if it’s facing the tow vehicle to prevent damage to the exhaust or turbocharger. Stop and check chains and tie devices occasionally to make sure nothing has moved during hauling. 

Ease-of-use features: Some loaders have design features to make your job easier. For example, some equipment features built-in tie-downs on the outside of the machine. Some other loaders have tie-downs under the loader, which are useless unless the bucket is detached.

Hauling can be even easier with some of today’s smallest sit-in compact track loaders, which are light enough to be loaded on a trailer and pulled by a half-ton pickup. Use these tips for effective hauling so you can focus on the job at hand.

Buck Storlie is product manager for ASV Holdings Inc., a Yanmar compact equipment company, based in Grand Rapids, Minn.

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