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Battery charger, pole hedge trimmer new from DeWalt

January 27, 2017  By  Mike Jiggens

The six-pack battery charger from DeWalt.

DeWalt has expanded its 40V Max battery-powered outdoor equipment line for landscapers with the addition of its six-pack charging station (DCB116) and pole hedge trimmers (DCHT895 family).

The charging station is designed to charge the batteries necessary to power DeWalt outdoor power equipment and to eliminate the need for 2-cycle gas mix on landscaping trucks. Once the charging station is plugged in, it will sequentially charge up to six 40V MAX batteries at a fast rate. Each 7.5Ah battery charges in less than an hour, and each 6.0Ah battery charges in 45 minutes. Once a battery is charged, the charger will automatically switch to the next one, choosing the battery closest to full charge. Each battery compartment includes indicators showing charging status, including fully charged, charge in process, or waiting to be charged. The charging station is also water resistant and includes a cover to help protect batteries from outdoor elements and landscaping debris. Additionally, it provides organized storage for the batteries and comes with carrying handles.

The pole hedge trimmer is designed to cut through a variety of landscape overgrowth, including medium and tall hedges as well as large bushes. With a cut-rate equivalent to that of competitive gas-powered units, the 22-inch dual-reciprocating, laser cut blades offer sharp shearing with a cut capacity of up to one-inch-thick branches. The trimmer features a telescoping shaft for trimming in compact spaces when retracted, as well as in many hard-to-reach areas when fully extended. An articulating head allows the user to manoeuvre the trimmer to a variety of angles, cutting in eight different positions, adjusted by 15-degree increments. The trimmer provides a runtime of more than three hours when paired with a 7.5Ah 40V MAX battery pack (DCHT895X1). Equipped with the brushless motor and removable gear case cover, the pole hedge trimmer allows for easy serviceability and eliminating gas-related maintenance issues.

Available in spring 2017, the six-pack charging station will retail for approximately $519 MSRP. The pole hedge trimmer will come bare at $399 MSRP (DCHT895B), kitted with one 4.0Ah battery at $499 MSRP (DCHT895M1), and kitted with one 7.5Ah battery at $599 MSRP (DCHT895X1).

DeWalt Outdoor Power Equipment comes standard with a commercial three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

For more information, visit www.dewalt.com.

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