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B.C. landscaper leaves customers high and dry, and thousands of dollars leaner

Police advise not to prepay for services offered

May 19, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Landscaping customers in Richmond, B.C. are up in arms after paying for work on their properties, but having seen little of it done.

A company called ProPruners was prepaid by customers looking for tree pruning, soil replacement and shrubbery work to be done on their yards. Although some of the work had been done, most of it wasn’t.

The disgruntled customers were told by the landscaper that he had broken his foot and was hampered by a bad back. He has been a no-show since and isn’t returning phone calls and text messages. The company has no website, and his customers say he tends to frequently change his phone number.

Suspicious of his actions, the customers contacted police but were told it’s a civil matter. Police advised, however, that would-be landscaping customers should never pay for services in advance.


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