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An organic alternative to weed control

May 17, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

For two years now, Ontario residents have been waging a chemical-free
battle with weeds on their property. It was on Earth Day in 2009 that
the provincial government banned a list of weed control agents that
used chemicals to help residents achieve a green, healthy lawn.

But the desired results can still be achieved without resorting to harmful chemicals that can harm both people and gardens.weedweb
“You don’t need chemicals to ensure your lawn, gardens, patios and driveways are weed free,” says Tammy Lawrence, president of Turf Revolution. “There are all-natural alternatives that are not only good for weed control, they are good for your health and for the environment.”
Turf Revolution’s Weed Knock-Out is a ready-to-use liquid herbicide for non-selective weed control. Using seven per cent acetic acid as the active ingredient, Weed Knock-Out leaves no harmful residue in the soil and is not harmful to the environment. It is also fast-acting—within a day of application, weeds will be visibly shriveled.
Acetic acid is an organic acid that is perhaps best known for giving vinegar its pungent odour and taste. It is a mild acid that is lethal to all plants by drawing the moisture out of the leaves, leaving them shriveled and brown.
“Cracks in the sidewalk or in your driveway are like a magnet for weeds,” says Lawrence. “Using Weed Knock-Out will give your house the nicely-manicured look you desire.”

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